Dear Father,

When my son died, I was angry at you.

I asked you, "Why do you take away my son?"

Now I ask you a different question.

"Lord, why do you love me so much?

You gave me Your Son!"

Jesus, I don't deserve your love, 

but you suffered and died on the cross for my sin.

Thank you for a new life and a new hope for the kingdom of Heaven.

In Your Name,


(엄마와 나눈 이야기들을 기초해서 쓴 기도문이에요.

위의 사진은 엄마 아버지랑 '하나님의 존재를 느끼기 위해' 

일출 보러 새벽에 해변에 갔을 때 찍은 거에요.

행복했던 순간들...)